Automated Bolt Reload

Automated Bolt Reload – For underground Rock bolting rigs

In general, two global trends can be observed in the mining industry: The mining of ever deeper deposits as well as the increasing degree of automation of the machine technology used. As mining depth increases, so does the need for efficiency, productivity and safety, and one solution is increased automation. In mining and tunnelling, anchor boring machines are used to secure the roof and the joints. In conventional mining technology, the anchor drilling and setting process represents the most time-consuming work step with the highest automation requirement.

The aim of the Automated Bolt Reload project is to develop an automated system for reloading the magazine with anchors. This process is still carried out manually today. A camera system will monitor the reloading process as well as the anchor drilling and setting process. The equipment operator will monitor and control all work steps from the cabin. This minimizes the risk of falling rock and increases productivity.

The Automated Bolt Reload project will create the conditions for future fully automated operation of anchor drilling rigs. During the project, a mining-ready concept for the reloading process and the camera system will be implemented on an anchor drilling rig and tested in an existing mine in Sweden by the mine operator LKAB.