Integration of real-time simulation and condition monitoring for component condition prognosis and fault analysis in maintenance

Plannable component failures

The prediction of component states using real-time simulation makes it possible to adapt to component failures even before changes in state can be measured by CM systems. This makes it possible to plan maintenance in areas in which it was previously only possible to carry out reactive maintenance due to insufficient error lead times.

Real-time simulation systems for better maintenance

Integrated CM/real-time simulation systems enable continuous and automated analysis of faults to identify possible causes based on the recorded plant history. Time- and cost-intensive projects for fault cause analysis could be replaced in the future. Thus, the research results we are striving for provide resources for maintenance that have not yet been realized from a technical and organizational point of view.

Condition Analyser

For the first time, the condition analyzer combines real-time simulation with condition monitoring. The new maintenance strategies to be developed at IMR extend the organizational possibilities of maintenance management, since methods not previously available for maintenance are also integrated into maintenance planning.