The intelligent telescopic boom for harsh operating conditions

The aim of the project "The intelligent telescopic boom for harsh operating conditions" is the development of a robust, self-monitoring and 360-degree endlessly rotatable telescopic boom for tough environments in the extractive and related industries. The new development is to be used primarily in the underground area for the depletion of roadways and mining sites in worldwide gypsum anhydrite mines and has a larger radius of action than conventional equipment. The intelligent telescopic boom makes consistent use of the possibilities offered by Industry 4.0 by combining the experience of heavy mechanical engineering with digital measurement technology and connecting to information networks that are connected globally and at all times. By real-time monitoring of the load and condition of critical machine components during operation using robust measurement technology, the service life of the telescopic boom can be maximized compared to conventional products. With the help of a visual representation of the orientation of the telescopic boom in the room, the operator can make the work processes more precise and repeatable.

The intelligent telescopic boom is designed and constructed as a new development for applications in extreme environmental conditions (dust, dirt, rockfall, vibration, shocks, moisture), especially in gypsum and anhydrite mining. The telescopic boom enables the use of new, particularly efficient tools such as the "Xcentric® Ripper", which requires special design consideration due to its high-frequency mechanism. At the same time, the radius of action of the telescopic boom is increased by extending the telescopic stroke. Bionic design approaches will continue to be applied and evaluated for the resource-optimized design of the new telescopic boom. The implementation of suitable measurement technology is the prerequisite for the development of integrated measurement systems. These include

  • Online load monitoring
  • Condition monitoring
  • Positioning aid

In accordance with the IoT, each measuring point and thus each module, consisting of mechanical component and measuring technology, is assigned a unique IPv6 in order to prepare for future developments. With this prerequisite, service staff will in future be able to connect directly to the individual assemblies remotely and query their current status including history. In the event of defects, the affected components can be precisely identified without removal and reordered accordingly.

During the course of the project, measurements on test benches and the determination of operating parameters under real conditions in the mine (probably in gypsum mining in Russia) are planned. The project is to be completed with your demonstrator test, in which the combination of innovative boom and intelligent measuring systems will be validated.