Laser induced plasma spectroscopy in explosion-proof atmosphere

The LEX project was primarily aimed at expanding basic scientific knowledge in the field of real-time material analysis and the automation of extraction machines in explosion-proof atmospheres.

The aim was to implement a plasma analysis for real-time element determination in underground coal mining and thus in the firedamp endangered area (methane gas). Such a direct material analysis using plasma spectroscopy could contribute to increasing the efficiency of mining processes and thus to a sustainable use of raw materials. In addition, the elementary detection of boundary layers has made it possible to automate extraction machines.

Within the framework of the project, the IMR (predecessor institute of the AMT) developed a method that enables spectral analysis in potentially explosive atmospheres by encapsulating the plasma. At the same time, the aim of the project was to realize an almost continuous material transport to the analysis site. Parallel to the suction mechanism, paths for representative sampling at the operated extraction device were therefore evaluated during the course of the project.